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About the founder

Explore the Professional Experience and Collective Work for Larissa Duron, Founder & CEO of Duron Industries LLC.


Long Beach, California

Linkedin: larissaduron



A dynamic and performance-driven professional with over 25 years in the technology industry, including over 15 years of electrical systems engineering and manufacturing. A US Army veteran driven by integrity and committed to projects that utilize leadership and communication skills while prioritizing delivering concept to final product.


Business Management


Strategic Planning



Engineering Design

Product Development

Structural Analysis

Customer Support

Training & Staff Development

Security Clearance


Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Power Distribution for Optical Lasers in Semi-Conductor Tools

Automotive Engineering (Power Distribution, Environment Control and Wiring)

Control Systems (Robotics, Arduino, motion control drivers, stepper and servo motors)

Cable Harness Design and Assembly

Systems Engineering Design and Layout

Computer Systems (Building, Repairing and Configuring Windows, Linux and Unix)

Microsoft Office Suite, Visio, Adobe Software


A decorated soldier in the United States Army – Signal Corps, active duty for 4 years with an honorable discharge as an E-4 Specialist. Key roles include:

Cable Systems Maintainer

Unit Armorer

1SG Driver

Squad Leader

Deployed to South Korea for military communications to support the 1st signal Brigade Yongsan Garrison. Responsibilities included:

  • Operated, maintained, and installed all military telephones including communication security devices for the President of the United States when visiting on base

  • Provided communication to Digital Group Multiplexers, Remote Multiplexing Combiners, telephones, test stations, and intermediate distribution frames

  • Maintaining all AFKN television and AM/FM transmission systems, specifically receiving an Army Accommodation Medal as a private for the excellent work of repairing, wiring, and removing noise interference from that station


Deployed to Fort Lewis, Washington to continue combat communications for the 29th Signal Battalion in support of the I Corps 7th Infantry Division. Responsibilities included:

  • Installed, operated, and performed Corp level functions and maintenance on cable communications in support of tactical satellite, communication security devices, and combat support

  • Provided communications from the foxhole to Headquarters using electronic switches, radio, and satellite communications. Climbed poles, as necessary, and assisted in the construction of tactical cable and wire lines

  • Drove the company’s First Sergeant in their assigned Humvee for tactical deployments and training exercises Also, knowing how to perform automotive maintenance and service to always be battle-ready

  • Managed the highest level of maintenance and accountability on the company units’ sensitive items and military weapons as the company Unit Armorer received the I Corp Eagle Award, this is the highest award possible

Department of the Army Certificates of Training:

  • Basic Combat Training

  • Cable Systems Installer/Maintainer

  • Combat Lifesaver Training

  • Contracting Officer’s Representative Course

  • Unit Armorer Course

Military Awards and Decorations:

  • I Corps Eagle Award

  • Army Commendation Medal

  • Army Achievement Medal

  • National Defense Service Medal

  • Army Service Ribbon

  • Army Good Conduct Medal

  • Overseas Service Ribbon

  • Expert Marksmanship Qualification Badge with Rifle Bar

  • Driver and Mechanic Badge with Driver-W Bar

  • Certificate of Achievement

  • Korean Defense Service Medal


October 2020 – Current

Duron Industries LLC                                    

Long Beach, CA

Founder | CEO


Duron Industries LLC is a forward-thinking company providing engineering services and prototype manufacturing. Electrical products are designed and manufactured based on customer needs while keeping the integrity of the industry standard. The company is dedicated to providing customized manufacturing and product development.


Responsibilities include:

  • Manage the company and employees through the daily operations of the business

  • Provide engineering direction for the company and customers

  • Contact vendors for manufacturing needs

  • Purchase inventory for company and project needs

  • Execute all decisions based on the company’s needs

  • Implement strategies for business growth with the Chief Operations Office

  • Mentor management to execute qualified deliverable products

  • Project management and troubleshooting all company projects


Certifications and Memberships:

  • Woman, Veteran, Minority Owned Small Business (Federal, National and State)

  • WOSB, WBE, VOSB, VBE, MBE and SAM.GOV Certified

  • ANSI Membership


2019 – 2021



A consulting engineer leading, managing, designing, and developing products for laser technology in the semiconductor manufacturing industry.


Responsibilities included:

  • Leader in product development for GSS Laser Engineering Team

  • Designed and assisted in manufacturing prototype units

  • Provided Hardware Integration for electrical components and cable assemblies

  • Created Electrical Drawing Packages to include Bill of Materials, Cable Assemblies, System Diagrams, and Electrical Schematics

  • Driving and executing design analysis for compliance and industry standard

  • Customer visits to ensure design quality and solidify procurement opportunities

  • Communicate with management daily to meet deadlines and give status updates

  • Managed overall System Design and sub-assemblies to meet desired specifications

  • Provided system testing of prototype units to include power distribution units, controllers, cables, and communication systems

  • Provided driving solutions to complex problems across the systems by applying strategic techniques

  • Applied Engineering Principles





A senior-level Electrical Engineer managing design concepts and requirements for electronic systems used on performance motorcycles in today’s industry-leading manufacturing company.


Responsibilities included:

  • Led product development projects and utilized product management skills

  • Accountable for best engineering practices for prototype delivery and product testing and met strict deadlines while adhering to compliance, cost, and performance specifications

  • Integrated electronics solutions for new and existing motorcycle aftermarket products for various makes including Harley, Indian, Honda

  • Spearheaded hardware integration for CAN bus architecture, OEM heated seats, Wireless and USB technology



2016 – 2019

Applied Minds


An innovative Electrical Engineer with problem-solving and creative thinking skills for design and rapid prototyping utilizing industry-changing technology. Lead Engineer for Applied Minds’ Kiravan expedition vehicle project and headed the demonstration and showcasing the Kiravans’ ( technology and creative capabilities for commercial, government, and military contract


Responsibilities included:

  • Control System engineering while serving as a technical leader in interdisciplinary applications for the KiraVan project

  • Responsible for the designing, wiring, and testing of automotive and marine-related electronics such as; hydraulics, navigation, safety, fuel, CAN bus, and PLC’s for a next-generation exploration vehicle

  • Fabricated new parts and modifying existing electronics and communication devices to incorporate OEM Mercedes component wiring

  • Developed AC power distribution by preparing detailed drawings and schematics with electrical load calculations for single, two and three-phase circuits

  • Developed 12V and 24V DC power distribution for automotive and off-road vehicles

  • Developed DC power distribution for various lighting, computers, networks, audio, and video for automotive technology

  • Integrated AC Shore power and DC power using UPS, generators, circuit breakers, chargers, inverters for various on-board equipment

  • Produced system-level engineering processes for cable wiring, assembly, and top-level drawings for prototype and final engineering products

  • Provided technical support for Mechanical and Software engineering departments to increase capabilities and create optimized workflows

  • Provided manufacturing engineering support to the Production Department with electronic assembly, machining, metal design/forming, water jet, welding, and various projects as assigned


2008 – 2016

Nearfield Systems, Inc


Engineering support for the Electronic Product Development Group in design, development, manufacturing, training, and customer service. Lead engineer and designer of NSI’s motion control systems for robotic scanners in multi-axis applications, as well as in the electro-mechanical assembly for motors and drivers in controllers and positioners for near-field and far-field RF testing.


Responsibilities included:

  • Designed, packaged, and maintained operations of top-level assemblies for Electronic, Computer, Robotic, Measurement, and Motion Controller Systems required for the implementation of NSI’s antenna measurement systems

  • Produced cable, system, and assembly drawings for electrical motion control and mechanical positioners

  • Designed and analyzed AC and DC power distribution from input to output loads for desired applications

  • Developed unit-level and system-level diagrams and parts lists

  • Developed procedures to assemble and test electronic equipment

  • Developed designs, layouts, user guides, and other documents for engineering review and release

  • Computer subsystem design and configuration for motion control and data acquisition systems

  • Maintained all electronic development group calibration equipment on a weekly, monthly, and annual basis

  • Configuring computer equipment for motion control and data acquisition systems

  • Responsible for troubleshooting electronic and computer equipment at NSI and outside customer facilities

  • Traveled domestically and internationally to support NSI measurement systems for customers that include government, military, aerospace, and defense contractors such as; Boeing, Northrop Grumman, JPL-NASA, and Raytheon while tracking and submitting expenses

  • General knowledge in conducting near-field and far-field RF ATP for in-house and installation testing

  • Supported the Service Department in many emergency customer repairs and support calls

  • Formally trained NSI employees on the overview and troubleshooting of motion control systems and hardware

  • Managed and designed the electro-mechanical assembly for NSI High Torque Rotary Positioners that include: NSI-SC-5636 (RT300C), NSI-SC-8005 (RT500HT), and NSI-SC-8007 (RT650)

  • Product managing for the NSI Motion Controller Systems that include: NSI-SC-5912 (Intelligent Measurement Controller) and NSI-SC-5913 (Antenna Range Controller)

  • Tracked technology and market trends relating to computer and motion engineering to provide the most efficient data and test results


Leadership responsibilities:

  • Team leader of the Self-Development Improvement Team (SDIT) - receiving employee suggestions, attending and assembling monthly meetings to execute a business plan for the CEO and senior staff to make a positive work environment for all employees

  • Managed and designed the internal Employee Newsletter monthly for the company

  • Assisted in the design of NSI's new website to increase production and keep up with the competition


Training & Certificates:

  • DSS-001 – DSS Controller Basics

  • RF-001 - Basic RF

  • RF-002 - Intermediate RF

  • Fire Extinguisher training

  • NFPA 70E 2013 Electrical Safety Training

  • Counterintelligence training (Annually)



  • Assisted JPL in testing the antenna used on the parachute that landed the MARS Rover.

  • Acknowledged in the paper “Reflection Suppression in Cylindrical Near-field Antenna Measurement Systems – Cylindrical MARS” for helping with a new technique to suppress reflections in a cylindrical near-field antenna test range


2005 – 2008

3jane digital holdings, inc.


Responsible for all IT asset management in support of the Director and VP of Technology to maintain computer systems and networking equipment for the office and data center.



ITT Technical Institute

Bachelor of Science Degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering Technology


GPA: 3.7



Dean’s List Distinction of Highest Honors

Dean’s List Distinction of Honors


Collins College

Associate of Arts Degree in Visual Communications

Major: Multimedia Design

GPA: 4.0



Perfect Attendance

Academic Excellence


Colton High School



Related Courses (College Level):






ROP Courses:

Business Management

Desktop Publishing

Print Graphics



Academic Excellence




Volunteer / Mentor

Mentor business owners in the areas of business growth, leadership skills, and business start-up


Los Angeles Derby Dolls - female banked track roller derby league

Championship Coach, Athlete, Volunteer and Mentor


Head of Community Service Committee

  • Organized and networked events, community fairs and events for the league

  • Assisted in health fairs, mentorship, and created panel discussions with influential women

  • Mentored with Peace Over Violence and Children of the Night, providing a safe and confident place for young women to explore skating in a team environment


Head of NERD Committee

  • Managed and maintained all the ticketing computers and ticketing software

  • Acting Head of IT during events to ensure constant WIFI communications for all business communications


Non-profit Veteran:

  • American Legion Post 155        

  • American Legion Riders 133

  • Heroes Linked


  • National Veteran Small Business Coalition

  • ANSI - American National Standard Institute

  • WOSB, WBE, VOSB, VBE, MBE and SAM.GOV Certified

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